Group Sues Governor Over Proposed Cuts

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Below are links to articles related to the lawsuit filed again Governor Corbett over proposed budget cuts:

Here is the link to the petition and press release on DRN’s website.

Group Sues Governor Over Proposed Budget Cuts
Disability Rights Network Takes On Corbett

WGAL-TV – News at Noon

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Susan Shapiro, anchor: A lawsuit is being filed against Governor Tom Corbett over proposed budget cuts. The services for Pennsylvania residents with disabilities. News 8’s Matt Barcaro is live in Harrisburg with more on the lawsuit.

Matt Barcaro, reporting:: Here it is, this was just filed today by mental health groups and different constituents in Pennsylvania. They say they’ve never actually filed a suit against the governor before for proposing cuts like this in the Department of Public Welfare budget but they fear they have to or thousands of Pennsylvanians who rely on those services will suffer. The mental health groups allege the Governor’s proposed 20 percent cut to the Department’s budget is way too deep and it violates the state’s requirement to adequately fund those services. They believe that this will hurt people with mental and behavioral disabilities the most and it will take away their safety net. The Governor has said time and time again that this has been a tough budget year and there must be cuts made but the state’s Disability Rights Network thinks it will actually end up costing taxpayers more.

Mark Murphy, Disability Rights Network: You cut community-based services for people with intellectual disabilities and mental illness – you don’t save money. What you do is you force them into higher cost services. People’s needs don’t change.

Matt Barcaro: You might be wondering why this is happening now, after all, the budget is still a proposal – nothing’s been passed yet – but the mental health groups think that even the Governor’s proposal of these cuts violates the law and they want to make sure that the cuts don’t become law.

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